Oppo Reno10 Safe Mode

How to enter safe mode on Oppo Reno10? In this tutorial, you can learn step by step how to enter safe mode on Oppo Reno10.

Oppo Reno10 Safe Mode

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If your Oppo Reno10 has any of these problems:

  • Freezing,
  • Overheating,
  • Stop responding,
  • Unexpected stucks,
  • Apps keep crashing,
  • Takes a long time to respond,
  • Randomly reboots or restarts,
  • Shuts down without restarting,

Start your Oppo Reno10 in safe mode to figure out what apps is corrupted and help your phone running better.

In Safe mode, your device won't run any third-party apps. This allows you to easily identify and remove the app that may be causing the problem.

Oppo Reno10

Oppo Reno10
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Oppo Reno10

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How to restart in safe mode your Oppo Reno10?

If you are having problems with system and apps your Oppo Reno10 you can identify and remove the app that may be causing the problem with safe mode.

Restart in safe mode your phone by following the steps below:

  • Turn the device off by holding the Power button until the option to Power Off appears on the screen.
  • Tap Power Off.
  • Press and hold the Power and the Volume Down buttons at the same time, to turn the device on.
  • When you see the oppo logo appear on the screen, you can let go of the Power button while the device boots up. Make sure to keep holding the Volume Down button.
  • You will now be able to see Safe Mode down the near the bottom left of the screen.

You can also enter Safe Mode on Oppo Reno10 by opening the Power Menu, touching and holding the Power Off icon, and then tapping the Safe Mode icon.

If your phone's still has problem with system or apps you can consider a factory reset or a hard reset process for formatting your phone to factory default settings.

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